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City Gardens Condominium is our “hidden treasure?in the heart of the hustle and bustle of city life yet very tranquil due to the close proximity of the Bukit Nanas only remaining protected forest reserve in KL.

City Gardens was completed in 1994, and as it is not a tall concrete box like many of the new rather sterile buildings in KL, it has the wonderful appeal of a building built when charm, character and low density within very large grounds were the norm.

When you are considering a city property, noise levels are often a factor in choosing where to live. CG is in a non through road perched on one of the highest hills affording spectacular views of most of KL’s skyline and attractions.

CG overlooks the Bukit Nanas forest reserve which is a pristine section of virgin jungle providing KL and CG with a wonderful natural green lung cleansing the air and the surrounding environments by acting like a purifier for dust and pollutants. It is a unique slice of tropical rainforest right on our doorstep. All of this within walking distance to everybody’s favourite restaurants and shopping complexes make the current residents feel very lucky to have found this gem of a place to call home.

It is our aim to provide users of this website with relevant up-to-date information as well as related links for those users that require additional information.

The main focus is to provide an avenue of communication for residents and home owners of City Gardens. You will find information about the current activities undertaken by the JMC as well as facts on future activities to make City Gardens the most sought after condominium in Kuala Lumpur.

I hope that you will find the information useful and the forums an excellent way for us all to become aware of the activities, improvements and goings on at City Gardens.  For further information, you are always welcome to visit City Gardens Management office.

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