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The Maintainers Report

In addition to the regular maintenance done by our management team a lot of maintenance has been done to equipment which usually almost gets forgotten


The biggest issues this year have been:

·         Water Proofing of the roof of the Tower block (before it was even leaking into the electronics of the lifts)

·         Water Tanks – all the water tanks have been fixed (all the tanks of the low rise building got new roofs) and cleaned!

·         Lift of the low rise building – all the lifts of the low rise buildings go a complete overhaul. Much more than the regular maintenance a lot of worn out parts have been replaced.

·         Swimming pool: The pump motors for the water circulation through the filters have been replaced.


Many big and small items have been done already, many are being taken care at the moment and still many are waiting until it’s their turn of being done.

Still the management depends on your information as well. If you as a tenant or home owner see a maintenance issue, so please inform the management or the JMC. Best is always a short e-mail to management@citygardens.com.my.  An attached photograph is always very helpful.

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