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Owners & Residents Page

·         City Gardens News

·         Events and Comments

·         City Gardens Calendar

·         The MC Team

·         The Management Team  

Page last updated: 27.07.2011  


City Gardens News

Upgrade of pool-building starts      !! new 27.07.11!! 

On Friday 29.07.11 the upgrading work on our pool building will start. As a first step renovation of the bathrooms in the ground floor will be done. for this:

The bathroom’s will be closed from 29th July onwards – for the time being please use the toilets at the tower block just behind the restaurant and the shop.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


long time no update      !! new 27.07.11 !! 

Dear owners and residents of City Gardens. For long time you did not get an update on our webpage, we apologize for this.






2nd AGM of the MC       07.03.11

The 2nd AGM was held on the 5th March


New Shop       26.03.11

The new Mini Market opened it’s doors for all the residents.!


2nd AGM postponed      26.03.11

The 2nd AGM of the MC was postponed as no corium could be reached.


Chinese New Year       29.01.11

We wish everybody a happy Chinese new year holiday and a good time with families and friends.

Our Office Hours for the Festive week is as follows:


Monday 31st. January                        open 9:00 AM till  9PM

Tuesday 1st. February                       closed for public holiday

Wednesday 2nd February                   office remains closed

3rd & 4th February                              closed for Chinese new Year


Our office will be open again on Monday 7th February at normal office hours.


New Shop       20.01.11

Our new shop will open after Chinese new year!


AGM       20.01.11

One year of MC is soon to be over – time runs so fast.

The next AGM will be held on Saturday 26th February, 14:00 in our new community room in the pool building.

The agenda will be:

·         Tabling of financial accounts for the period until 31st January 2011-01-29

·         Tabling of completed improvement works

·         To elect six council members for the year 2011/2012

·         Other matters

Invitations to this event will be sent to all owners just after Chinese new year (by registered mail)

If you are interested to join the MC please bring your Nomination Form to management office before Wednesday 23rd February 9:00PM

Should no corium be reached on the 26th then the AGM will be held on the 5th March.


Children’s Playground      !! new 13.06.10 !! 

The MC has reinstated the children’s playground here in City Gardens. The playground is located between Block 14 and Block 16 and is open for all Kids to play.

As this playground is for the little ones we kindly ask them to be supervised by an adult. Currently there is no sitting facility for supervising adults available yet, but the is among the planned upgrades in the near future.


Description: playground


Pool Furniture      !! new 13.06.10 !! 

The wooden pool furniture is now in service already for two month, we would like to remind you that

cushions for the furniture are available at the guard house.

Kindly return them to the guards when leaving. For the cushions to remain in good quality for everybody to use we ask you all to use a towel on top of the cushions.


Description: pool


Upgrading of the Pool Building      !! new 03.06.10 !! 

The MC has started with the “Pool Building upgrading project”. Currently the MC together with the architect are preparing concept and plans.

If you wish to bring in your ideas:
Please send an e-mail to

You will hear more about this shortly on this web page.


Construction Site “Bolton Court”      !! new 03.06.10 !! 

As you all have noticed the demolition of the existing Bolton Court Building has started. End of June the actual demolition of the existing Building will start. And later a 33 story serviced apartment building with 215 units will be built at this location.

The management is in contact with the construction company to clarify all the interfacing issues resulting with this construction site.


An Evening with the MC “Water & Water Quality”      !! new 02.06.10  !! 

On 1st June we held once again “an evening with the MC”, down at our coffee shop. This time the subject of the evening was “Water and Water Quality”

As usual not may of the owners and residents used the opportunity, but for the ones present it was an casual evening, with serious discussions about the subject and as well a lot other talks and laughters.

More about the evening please read further below.


Bulk rubbish refusal      !! new 11.05.10  !! 

Unlike last year we don’t have dedicated bulk rubbish refusal days any more.  Please contact the management office if you have bulk rubbish to be removed.


Gym: The new Treat Mill has arrived      !! new 08.05.10  !! 

On 8.May the new Treat Mill for our Gym has arrived. We are happy to see that the gym enjoys lots of regular sportsmen and sports women.


Description: Tretmill


Special EGM for outstanding issues     !! updated 02.05.10  !! 

Almost to everybody surprise this time the special EGM to resolve outstanding issues really too place.

Despite the fact that a lot of the owners already got bored about the subject and the continuous postponing of meetings a relatively large crowd of owners attended the meeting.

The COB joined the meeting and checked all the participants entitlement to join the meeting, speak and vote. During the meeting the COB took a strictly supervising role without making any statements.

The Agenda, as it was attached to the invitation, was followed strictly. All items could be discussed in an orderly manner, even though the once in a while the heartbeats of the speakers got faster.

Please see more about the special EGM on this separate Page:

Special EGM (Agenda, Actions, Status)

This page and as well the finance page are for owners and residents, they are password protected. If you forgot your password just ask at the management office.


New Pool Furniture     !! new 20.04.10  !! 

New pool furniture was delivered to replace the badly treated and destroyed existing pool furniture.

The cushions for these wooden pool chairs are available at the guard house.

Kindly return them to the guard house after using.

Description: 20100527_City Gardens_15

Appointment of new Members of the MC      !! new 16.03.10  !! 

At the regular MC councillors meeting Ms. Lean Lee Koay has been appointed as a new member of the MC, replacing Mr. Sakila.

Ms. Lean Lee will take over the position of the Treasurer for the MC.


Cancellation of EGM      !! new 13.03.10  !! 

The EGM planned for the 14th March to discuss old open items unfortunately had to be cancelled on request of the COB.

A new date will be announced in due course.

We apologise to the quiet majority of owners in City Gardens Condominium that are getting more and more upset about the continuous postponements of such events.


Internet at the pool      !! new 03.03.10  !! 

Dear residents, with immediate effect the Internet at the pool will only be available at daytime from 7AM to 7PM, this is to allow our non internetting residents enjoy the pool as well.

Free internet is still available 24hours a day at the coffee shop.



Formation of the Management Corporation – 1st Annual General Meeting    
  !! new 06.02.10  !! 

The 1st Annual General Meeting for the formation of the MC was held on the 6. February 2010. The AGM was held in the squash court of the condominium

One of the main purpose of this AGM was decide on the number of council members to form the MC and to elect the Councillors.

It was decided that:


The MC shall have 7 Members


The elected MC Members are:

Philipp Goetz, Mark Bayoud, Lim Chin Hock, Urs Schiendorfer, Shakila bin Mohd Zain ,
2 more Members were elected but have since resigned.

(please note that the MC team gets changes once in a while, some elected members choose to resign as their personal environment or interests change, new members get elected at the MC meetings. If you are interested to join the MC even during the year, or if you just like to know more about being part of the team please contact the chairman or any other team member of the MC)


The following other issues were discussed and agreed:


Swimming Pool:

The owners decided that the budget for the upgrade of the swimming pool (including pool, showers, gym and barbecue area shall be RM 250’000.

The MC is to work on a proposal and quotations an then to bring the subject up at an EGM to be approved by the owners.


Take Over of Regulation, Procedures and Accounts of JMB:

The owners agreed that the MC shall take over regulations, procedures and accounts of the JMB. In particular the following subjects were discussed:

The fees for Management and Sinking Fund shall be left at the same level.

The MC shall look into the issue of guest parkings


Court Injunction:

The ongoing court case shall not be taken over to the MC. The JMB will be kept running with the sole purpose of handling this case and holding the EGM.


Legal Action against non-payers:

The owners authorised the MC to take legal action against non payers and if necessary appoint a lawyer to support in the issue.



The JMB accounts were closed by 31st January 2010. The auditor is now preparing the audited report over the accounts and the handover to the MC.

All outstanding depth of earlier times (JMB&MWE) have now to be paid to the MC.

New accounts will be opened on 8. Feb, the account numbers will be communicated shortly.




Recent Events and Comments


An Evening with the MC : Water and Water Quality      

Keeping up a reliable supply of clean water is a big task for our management office. The water distribution system, Tanks, Pipes and Pumps are all coming into the years.

In the recent Month our supply has be disrupted several time for many different reasons. Was it lack of supply from SYBAS, pumps out of order, pipe leakages or pipe blockages – it’s always a big inconvenience for the residents.

On this special event the small group of owners and residents present discussed about what is important for them, what as to be done to keep the supply running.

Here a short summary

·         Aging pipes have to be replaced by current PVC pipes

·         Water level monitoring system to be installed

·         Water filter and water tanks to be cleaned regularly


An Evening with the MC : Presentation of the Audited report of the JMC      

The accounts of the JMC have been closed, and the books have been reviewed by our independent auditor.

On this special event the audited report (the one for the handing over of the accounts to the MC and the one two intermediate audit reports) were put on the table in the Management office, the JMCs Treasurer Mr. Sakila and the independent auditor Ms. Kelly were present and available to answer your question about the finance books of the 2nd JMC (starting September 2008 to January 2010).

As expected not many people took the opportunity to ask questions. But for the ones present out independent auditor could give a good answer.

The audited reports are on the finance page for download.


City Gardens Calendar 

Date & Location











The MC Team
As decided by the owners during the first AGM of the MC on 6th February 2010, the MC consists of 6 members.

Management Corporation Councillors



Name Function Unit

Contact e-mail


Mr. Mark Bayoud



Mr. Philipp Goetz



Ms Wong Yuet May



Ms Angela Finucane


Ms Law Kah Yan


Mr. Urs Schiendorfer



An Advisor is a member of the JMB/MC that is not an elected or appointed member. Advisors are fully integrated members of the team but they are not allowed to vote.

The Management Team



Name Function

Contact E-mail


Description: Mr. Low

Mr Low

Property Manager 

017 298 7313


Description: C:\Data Philipp\Winword\10 MC City Gardens\25 Webpage\images\member7.jpg

Ms. Cheryl Abraham
Administrative Assistant


Description: Manju

Mrs. Manju

Accounts Clerk



Description: C:\Data Philipp\Winword\10 MC City Gardens\25 Webpage\images\member8.jpg

Mr. Zamri



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