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New Swimming Pool          New  20.10.2009 !!!!!

Finally we start on something that was discussed for a very long time, we started the project for an upgrading of our pool area.

Compared to other Condominiums quite many people are enjoying our pool area, was it for swimming, chat and relax or just to surf the internet on the laptop.

We started the path to a new swimming pool with a meeting in our management office where everybody was invited. Unfortunately only a small group of people joined us that time, but nevertheless we could table up what was in our owners and residents minds about the new pool.

The upgrading will include not only the swimming pool, the pool building with roof area, gym, showers and toilets will get a facelift as well.
Currently the roof area of the pool building is not used a lot. Our suggestion is to convert this are to a new barbecue area, with barbecue-grill, tables and maybe even more facilities to make your party a big success.

Now, two month later we got a proposal from an Architect with a possible new design of the pool. Design for upgrades on pool building with gym, showers and toilet will follow:

Now it is on you, owners and residents, you are all invited to give you feed back. Have a look at the drawings below, give us your comments and suggestions. Even for gym and barbecue area we are happy to get your suggestions..

Please send your feedback by e-mail to:    swimmingpool@citygardens.com.my


pool plan view 3

night view 1

morning view 2

morning view 3

morning view 1

night view 4

Pool section copy

Please send your feedback by e-mail to:    swimmingpool@citygardens.com.my



 Other Projects

Upgrade of Office Floor
Mezzanine Floor in the Tower Block is the office floor in the compound. The management office needs some upgrade and fixing. Additionally it would be possible to add more offices for MWE on this floor. This would allow MWE to move out from the Poolbuilding and free the room as Community Room.

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